Arrival in Beaune


Afternoon Stroll

After arriving in Beaune, we checked into our hotel, Hotel Athanor Beaune Center. Summer was not feeling very well so she took at nap while Stephen strolled through the town. He also walked on the surrounding wall, but it was not that impressive. A lot of it had parking spots for cars and there really was not much charm to it.

Toast to Our Driver

The group met in the common room of the hotel and had a toast to our driver, Richard. We had to do it today because the next day he would be dropping us off in Paris on a busy street and we would not be able to say our good byes. Both Jennifer, our guide, and Richard gave great speeches about working together and the fun they had had on our trip. We both got a photo with Richard because we had hung out so much during the tour.

Group Wine Tasting

Our group went to Hotels Des Rampartes for a wine tasting. The owners have their own cellar and create their own wines. Summer was still not feeling well and waited upstairs while the rest of us did the wine tasting. The woman running it gave us all special wine tasting cups. We sample five wines while she told us all about how the grapes were grown and made into wine.

Dinner Fiasco

By dinner time Summer was really not feeling well and wanted to eat something quick and go to bed. Stephen went off in search of take out food and it was a horrible experience. The hotel staff pointed him in the direction of a restaurant that they thought did take out, but when Stephen got there the bartender/waiters seemed appalled that he asked for such a thing. A person there gave him directions to another place that may help, but after following the directions there was nothing in sight.

This went on for about an hour. He could not get good help from anyone. Eventually he took out his smartphone and typed up a message about the situation in the Google Translate app and went back to Hoteles Des Rampartes, thinking they would help him since he was with the Rick Steves tour group. This was as success! The front desk man showed him on a map where he could get take out food and it was easy to find. He got hamburgers.

After returning to the room, we ate our dinner and went straight to bed.

The Hotel

We only stayed one night inĀ  Hotel Athanor Beaune Center so we did not get to experience it much. However, it was in a nice location, clean and comfortable. It did not have a restaurant, so it did not serve any food, which was an inconvenience. Breakfast was good, but only had a few options. Being in France, people eat lighter breakfasts, like a pastry and coffee, and it showed here.