To Switzerland We Go


Bus Ride

We traveled by bus most of the day. To make it more fun, Jennifer and a boy in our tour engineered a way to do karaoke using the bus’s audio system and a smartphone.

Stephen volunteered to go first and sang the “Sesame Street” theme song. He thought it would be a fun way to lighten up the group and most everyone knows the words! Summer, Stephen and one of the father’s in the group sang “Poncho and Lefty”. Stephen sang another song, “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley.

Best Hotel Room Yet!

The room we had at Hotel Stechelberg was the best one yet! It was surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and a rushing river. We also had a balcony. We think we ended up getting the second best room at the hotel. More information about it at the end of this page.

Wine, a Fondue Lesson and Group Dinner

After arriving at the hotel the group met in the dining room and were greeted with a choice of wine or orange juice. We also were given a cheese fondue lesson. The chef showed us the process of how it is made.

We had cheese fondue as our starter course for the group dinner. Both of us had beef, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots. The food was really amazing! Each item had a special seasoning that made them taste better than we had imagined. For example, the mashed potatoes had nutmeg in them, which we had never had before, but really made them delicious! For dessert, we had flan.

Evening Stroll

After dinner we took an evening stroll down the road while admiring the huge mountains that surrounded us. We also gazed at the many waterfalls and listened to the flow of the river. Summer also spotted a cat and had fun petting her!

Schiltorn, Hike and Trummelbach Falls


Gondola to Schilthorn

After breakfast we took a gondola ride to the top of the Schilhtorn. We had to take five different lifts to get there. It was cool to see how people live up in the mountain. Althought we were thousands of feet in altitude, when you looked down from the gondola the landscape had homes and looked like any other rural village – like you were not so high up.

The Schilthorn offered amazing views of the Swiss Alps! The peaks were gorgeous and the air was so fresh and crisp. We made perfecting timing too, because we were up there for about an hour and a half, but it was clear in every direction. However, after about and hour a fog moved in and you could not see any of the mountain peaks.

We got a cappuccino in the cafe and browsed through the souvenir shop. There was also a 007 themed museum and we rode a taboggan while it recorded us on video.


The group took a 2 hour hike from Murren to (forgot the name). Along the way we stopped at a cheese shop and enjoyed some fresh cheese. For most of the hike, we could not see the mountains because of the fog, but eventually it let up and we saw the towering Swiss Alps above us! It was so amazing to be in this place – mountains and plush green all around us.

At one point, we caught a gondola to finish the last bit of our journey and when we came out of the station there were a group of cows foraging below us. It was so magical to hear their loud cow bells clanking in the fog. A few group members started singing “Edelweiss”, which was fun.

Lunch On Our Own

We ate at a cafe and had hamburgers. Nothing too special.

Trummelbach Falls

We took a bus to Trummelbach Falls and it was another amazing sight to see! We got to go up inside the mountain that housed the fall and walk right next to the fall itself. The loud rushing sound of the water was intense, and water sprayed everywhere. Summer was not feeling well and was going to skip this sight, but at the last minute changed her mind. She was so happy that she went. It was such an awesome natural wonder she would have really regretted it if she had not seen it.

Apertif, Ibex and Group Dinner

Before our group dinner, we sat on our balcony and sipped on an apertif while enjoying the immense views of the valley. While gazing, Stephen spotted an Ibex up on the mountain range. It was a good thing we brought binoculars so we could see it!

For dinner we had a tasty cream soup, salad, veal sausage, and some type of fried spaeztle. The dessert was vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce on top. It was to die for amazing! One of our best desserts on the trip by far!

The Hotel

Hotel Stechelberg was our favorite place to stay on the trip. It was surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and a rushing river. We also had a balcony. What made it even better was that we were on the top floor of the building that was not connected to the restaurant. Those rooms did not have balconies. Also, in our building, each floor had to share a bathroom and shower, however each room had their own sink. Fortunately for us, only two other rooms were on our floor, but one was no occupied. The other room housed a brother and sister and they had their own bathroom in the room. So we did not have to share the hall bathroom with anyone!

This hotel is so beautifully located. If we are to return to Switzerland we would definitely stay here again! Stephen’s favorite part was the sound of the rushing river and we were able to sleep with the balcony doors open, which made it such a nice way to fall asleep.